Hannah is a writer, blogger and trainee yoga teacher from Newcastle. She is a passionate advocate of the yoga and mindfulness movement and lover of books.

She is currently working on a crime thriller novel set in the North East and a children’s novel. She enjoys writing short fiction and reading voraciously in her spare time.

In her yoga and lifestyle writing she shares the experience of chronic illness and hopes to help others experiencing chronic pain and fatigue.

Hannah is currently completing her yoga teacher training and continues to facilitate writing and mindfulness courses.

Hannah is available to review books, for freelance writing projects and as a workshop facilitator. She will also be starting to teach beginners yoga in the spring and summer and looks forward to combining writing and yoga in workshops very soon!

For any enquiries please use the contact form below:



So why Words and Pearls?

Hi, this is Hannah. You may have been this way before and noticed a name change, Words and Pearls is the new name for my work on social media. Removing my surname from my work online is part of the preparation for becoming a teacher in September. The name Words and Pearls also represents the varied interests this website and my Instagram account currently include. From the pearls of wisdom in yoga to the words read and written, it was the name I felt summed up all of my eclectic interests in as few words as possible!


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