REVIEW: The Echo Killing by Christi Daugherty

I was sent The Echo Killing and A Beautiful Corpse by Harper Collins to celebrate the release of A Beautiful Corpse. This crime series by Christi Daugherty is set in Savannah and as I’m always excited about new crime novels, I was really happy to be sent these books!

The Echo Killing follows Harper McClain, a crime journalist whose mother was killed when she was a teenager. When a murder happens in Savannah with a similar crime scene to her mother’s death, Harper knows she has to use her investigative skills to try and find the killer – could this be the same murderer acting fifteen years later?

Set in Savannah, The Echo Killing is a fast-paced crime novel told from the perspective of a crime journalist, rather than a police detective. I really enjoyed the unique perspective that Harper had as a journalist and also liked having a female protagonist. I feel like there are a lot of great crime novels with female protagonists at the moment and The Echo Killing is certainly one of them!

The novel takes a few chapters to get into the action, but once it did I was hooked! I really enjoyed the setting and believed the main character. Harper felt very real and wasn’t contrived. I found the plot had plenty of twists and turns, although I did guess who dunnit! This didn’t take away too much from the book for me as I was waiting to see if I was right. The book has a very satisfying ending that leads nicely onto the next book. I can see Harper McClain being a great series for a while to come and I’m looking forward to reading A Beautiful Corpse soon!

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