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It’s a bit of a strange feeling to be asking for money, but I’ve been following creatives on Patreon for a while and supporting when I can. I wasn’t sure that as a writer that there was anything I could offer in exchange for a monthly donation, however, today I decided to take the plunge and set up a Patreon page with the hope that you might consider being my Patron and help me to spend as much time as possible on the projects I love – writing novels, planning workshops and training to be a yoga teacher so I can teach yoga and writing in my workshops.

If you would like to consider signing up to be my patron, you can visit my page here.

There are four tiers available, with different perks depending on how much you decide to donate, from $1 to $10 a month and each tier is named after one of my favourite authors!

Each month there will be patreon benefits such as writing activities, early booking or discounts on writing workshops and sneak peeks on my upcoming writing.

I know I’m a new writer without a big following or a large body of work to prove you should support me, but I hope you can take a punt and consider helping me to make my dreams come true!

Speak soon,



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  1. Good luck! I look forward to see how Patreon works for you. I have considered taking the plunge and creating a Patreon site.


    1. Thank you, I’ll keep you updated. Hopefully something comes of it 🙂

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