BLOG TOUR: The Day We Met

I received a copy of The Day We Met by Roxie Cooper as part of the book tour to celebrate its release. 

Stephanie doesn’t believe in fate or true love. Jamie is happily married and completely incompatible with Stephanie’s less than romantic views.

But one weekend in 2006, the pair are thrown together as Stephanie struggles to recover from a recent trauma at an art weekend, paid for by her fiancé.

Reminiscent of One Day, this touching story is told across ten years, as we follow both Stephanie and Jamie come to terms with every day challenges. Despite their love for their own partners, they are repeatedly drawn back to each other over the years and continue to struggle against the spark between them.

A touching and emotional read, this will be great for chick lit lovers seeking a more sentimental read. Full of unexpected plot twists, this is a really interesting read and you won’t expect the ending, or indeed the middle!

This novel cleverly makes you question what love and romance really is and makes it impossible to pick sides or judge any of the characters. It asks the question, do we really only have one true love?

Stephanie is a complex yet relatable character and Cooper has researched mental health in depth to make sure she is portrayed in a realistic and thought provoking way. Jamie too is highly complex and not the usual hero of a romance novel. Nothing about this book is your typical romance novel, theres a boy who meets a girl but there is so much more to this story.

Just make sure you have the tissues at the ready when you give The Day We Met a read!

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  1. annecater says:

    Thanks for the blog tour support x


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