How to set the scene for your yoga practice

Yoga is a fantastic self-care practice and it becoming ever more popular. Whether it’s practicing a few sun salutations each morning or a longer power yoga class, all yoga is great for the mind, body and spirit.

One element of yoga that I really enjoy, is preparing for a really immersive practice. Sometimes at home yoga can feel less authentic than a practice in a yoga studio where you are guided through the practice and there is a real sense of atmosphere. However, you can create the perfect atmosphere at home for a truly peaceful yoga practice.


I like to start by giving my space a tidy. I usually practice yoga in my bedroom, so I’ll tidy away any books or clothes to make the space as clear as possible – not easy as my room is full of books and bits of paper! Then I like to light candles or turn on my essential oil diffuser. I really like the Candlewick candles as they crackle and that can be a nice focal point for meditation.

Sometimes I’ll practice yoga in silence or I might listen to a playlist. If I’m wanting to practice more energetic yoga I’ll put on an acoustic playlist or listen to Nakho Bear as his music has such meaningful lyrics. Otherwise I listen to rain sounds or the Yoga and Meditation playlist on Spotify.

I like to do all of this before rolling out my mat as I like to roll out my mat and feel a change. I like to feel as though I am stepping into my yoga practice and theres a difference between my mat being rolled out and not. This might sound strange, but it can be helpful for focusing the mind on your practice for whatever length of time you have.

I always like to take a moment to sit in easy pose or stand in mountain pose for a few breaths before starting my sun salutations or flow. This just allows you to really arrive on your mat and to your practice.

Even if you are a beginner, taking a few moments to set up your practice will really help you to experience yoga as a practice for the mind, not just the body. So if you normally throw down your met and jump into sun salutations as quickly as possible, consider taking a few moments of care and attention to – as Adriene of Yoga with Adriene would say – set yourself up for greatness.

I promise you won’t regret it!



Discover more about my yoga teacher training experience here.

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