Diary of a trainee yoga teacher |The First Weekend

Welcome to my new, ten month blog series all about training to be a yoga teacher! Over the next ten months I am going to be completing my 200hr YTT with Yomala at YogaTherapies. I want to share my experiences as I go, to hopefully help those considering YTT or who are curious about yoga in general. 


The Course

I am very lucky to live close to a yoga studio that offers a 200hr YTT course that is spread out over a year. This means two things; 1) it’s more financially accessible as you can pay over a year and 2) if you’re nervous about the amount of knowledge you need as a yoga teacher, you can work on this over a far longer period than traditional 200hr courses.

My Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for four years now, with a regular practice that started with a four week beginners course at Yogalilies in Newcastle. I still remember that first class and I still practice regularly with the teacher who taught that course. I realise that teachers have such an important role in making yoga accessible, enjoyable and effective.

I have used yoga as a mindfulness practice, a way to manage pain and to build strength and stamina. As I have a bit of a complicated medical history I’m really interested in learning more about yoga as a therapeutic practice and sharing this with others in the future. I think that’s why the yomala course really appealed to me as it is focused on Hatha Vinyasa and an internal approach to yoga – making sure the asanas feel right in the body, rather than an aesthetic practice which is focused on outward expression and looking ‘right’ in the pose.

I practice daily yoga and this can be ten minutes before bed, a bit of meditation or going to a class or free flowing for an hour or I absolutely love Yoga With Adrien’s videos. For me, yoga has to feel good and my body has to feel good after yoga as well.

I’m also really interested to learn more about yoga philosophy and Ayurveda and the history of yoga and acknowledging where yoga comes from. It’s an ancient practice routed in sacred philosophy and I think it’s important that Western teachers acknowledge that and pass an awareness of this history and culture on to their students.


Weekend One

On the Friday night before the first weekend of the course I was a little bit nervous but mainly excited. I was filled with anticipation for the start of a journey that I’ve been wanting to go on for years and never expected to be brave enough to take part in. I was excited to meet like minded people, to see what the course was going to entail and to finally get started!

Saturday and Sunday were everything I hoped for and more.

In the room there was a fantastic energy. The group is filled with like minded people, excited to learn and take part of embrace the practice of yoga. Each person had different reasons for being there, different intentions for the course and yet what draws us all together is yoga.

Already I have learned SO much and I can’t wait to start my homework – practicing 10 sun salutations for the next month and considering all that we have been taught over the weekend, as well as starting a yoga focused journal.

I honestly feel like if this course was every weekend for a year I would be just as excited each week. There is so much to learn; about the practice, the philosophy, the history, the anatomy of the body and ourselves.

I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time and I just can’t wait to apply everything and in ten months time to be a fully fledged yoga teacher.

Yoga Books I’ve Been Loving

  • Your Body, Your Yoga by Bernie Clark
  • Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens
  • Yoga Mind, Body and Spirit by Donna Farhi
  • Beat Fatigue With Yoga by Fiona Agombar
  • Perfectly Imperfect by Baron Baptiste
  • Thrive Through Yoga by Nicola Jane Hobbs
  • Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen
  • The Classic Yoga Bible by Christine Brown


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  1. yogabike says:

    Glad you have started your journey. We have also started a new teacher training group here -your energy is awesome! https://takealeap.blog/

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