Blog Tour | Odette by Jessica Duchen

I was lucky enough to receive Odette by Jessica Duchen as part of the blog tour to celebrate its release.

Odette is a modern fairytale. Telling the story of Mitzi, a freelance writer struggling to cope with the loss of her father and living alone. When a swan crashes through her window, she at first thinks it is nothing more than a sign of her ongoing bad luck.

But this is no ordinary swan.

Mitzi decides to nurse the swan back to health in her own home, rather than leave it with the local vet. However, the swan turns into a woman by night. The beautiful Odette has no way to go home to Russia and is in grave danger from the mysterious forces that turned her into a swan over a hundred and fifty years ago. But Mitzi is determined to help her and try to break the spell that returns her to swan form each morning.

Beautifully lyrical, this is a true modern fairytale. Duchen manages to combine twenty first century reality with the ethereal magic of Swan Lake. As someone who often reads gritty crime, this was a welcome break and it was truly engaging from the start. With a twisting plot, loveable characters and elegant prose this is a delightful read, perfect for this time of year.

For any ballet lover, book lover or old fashioned romantic this is the perfect novel for you. And for any women reading, here we have two strong women overcoming adversity and looking after each other.

This novel has many layers and is a complex retelling of a story we all know so well. Even if you have never come across Swan Lake before this is a fantastic winters tale for all to enjoy. I loved every page and every word of Odette and can see myself returning to its magical delights in winters to come, to find a modern fairytale written beautifully within its pages.


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  1. annecater says:

    Huge thanks for the Blog Tour support x

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