REVIEW| The Good Samaritan by Will Carver

The Good Samaritan is a new crime thriller by Will Carver and I was lucky enough to be sent a copy as part of the blog tour to celebrate its release.

The Good Samaritan plays on the parable and reverses the roles, playing on our darkest fears that the unknown stranger will not be kindly but could in fact mean us harm at a time when we are most vulnerable.

Told between various protagonists, we follow Seth Beauman who can’t sleep and stays up late calling strangers from his phonebook. His marriage is falling apart and he is desperately seeking a connection with another human. How wife sleeps on and we’re never sure whether she is complicit in this strange hobby or is oblivious to her husbands search for something more.

Meanwhile Hadley struggles with her demons and when another wave of suicidal thoughts threatens to take over her life, she turns to the only place she can for help.

But a twist of fate connects the two where they were never supposed to be connected. When Seth takes Hadley home, someone is watching and their lives are about to be torn about and their unusual love story is about to turn into something far darker.

The Good Samaritan is not for the faint-hearted, it is a dark and twisting story of crossed-wires, fears and the darkest part of humanity. This dark tale is unputdownable as you desperately need to know more and with a series of characters who are all imperfect and yet deeply compelling, this book is disconcertingly believable in all of his darkness.

I would say this is a book which is only for fans of the darkest crime fiction as I did find some of the scenes and references difficult to stomach. However, with a rollercoaster plot and characters I haven’t met elsewhere in crime fiction, this is definitely worth a read!


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