Soulcare Session – Creative Writing and Meditation

I was lucky enough to run a writing workshop for Soulcare Sessions Newcastle last Sunday. I’ve been a fan of the soulcare sessions for month, taking part in a variety of activities from pilates, to flower arranging and learning about essential oils.

This time I was running the session and we discussed literature and creative writing as a tool for our self-care practice. Whether it’s disappearing into a new book, writing lists to get over our worries or writing a short story just for ourselves, it’s all a great way to add to our self-care routine.


The Soulcare Sessions are great for meeting new people and trying new things. The group on Sunday was a real mix of women and we discussed all sorts of topics.

I asked everyone to think of a book that meant something to them and by the end we had a great list of books on a variety of different topics. What we did notice is that each book was either written by a woman or included strong female characters.



The workshop involved a number of different writing activities and finished with a relaxing meditation session before our final time to write.

If you would like to learn more about writing for wellbeing then you can discover some writing activities here. Or, if you would like to host a writing workshop, contact me about facilitating creative writing workshops here.

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