REVIEW: Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss by Rajeev Balasubramanyam

This book was sent to me as part of a box of books from Penguin and was a complete surprise! It comes out on the 10th of January next year and I feel very lucky to have be sent a copy so soon!

Professor Chandra is a world renowned Economics specialist. He is on the brink of receiving the Nobel Prize and is an Oxford academic who is respected the world over.

However he has a distant relationship with his children and one of his daughters hasn’t spoken to him in a year. As he turns sixty nine he begins to question if his professional success has really been as important as he thought. For the first time Professor Chandra acknowledges that he isn’t happy and he begins to worry he has in fact wasted his sixty nine years despite a glittering career.

What follows is a lovingly crafted story of a man wondering what life is really about and desperately trying to build a relationship with his family in the face of his own fears that he has left everything too late.

Moving between the UK, North America and Hong Kong this is a fantastically descriptive, witty and poignant read. I galloped through the novel not wanting to put it down and yet not wanting to finish it because I enjoyed the characters, their quirkiness, the settings and the wisdom of this book so much.

It really is as good as Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine with as much heart and humour. It also has a touch of spiritual wisdom usually reserved for nonfiction and memoir such as Eat, Pray, Love yet in a wholly accessible way.

I cannot recommend this book enough, it was such a joy to read something knowing so little about it and find myself engrossed in the prose so completely. You have to read this book in January!

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