Everyday Wellbeing | How to keep well in the office

Keeping as fit as possible requires moving plenty and eating well every day. Sometimes this can feel like a challenge, particularly when working in an office and sitting for long periods of time.

After working in an office for nine months I have developed some techniques to keep myself well while at work. Some of these might require talking to your boss – I’m very lucky to work for a flexible company – but they are easy ways to keep well everyday.

1) Move Every Three Hours

I read somewhere that you should never be sitting still for more than three hours. And with 150 minutes of moderate exercise to go into our weeks, keeping moving at work is really important.

Next time your colleagues head out for a tab break, why no go for a power walk? I go for a ten minute power walk mid morning, lunchtime and mid afternoon. This habit has really helped reduce my pain throughout the day and gives me a much needed boost of energy that is far better than a sugary snack.

2) Drink Plenty H2O

We all know we need to drink loads of water, but how many of us manage it during our 9-5?

I take two 750ml bottle of water to work, one for the morning and one for the afternoon and drink these in addition to one or two soft drinks.

You should never feel really thirsty and sipping regularly throughout the day rather than downing a pint in one go has been proven to be better for the body.

3) Take Lunch

And not just any lunch, a decent meal with plenty nutrients, calories and good fats. I used to take a small salad and struggle through afternoons but after reading books by Hazel Wallace aka The Food Medic, I’ve start preparing lunches in advanced that are full of slow releasing carbohydrates and plenty of protein.

4) Have Something To Look Forward To

Sometimes it feels like we spend more time in the office than doing the things we love. Shifting our perspective and filling our free time with hobbies, exercise and quality time with friends will make work days pass more quickly. Plus knowing that you’re working to pay for a gym membership, trip to the theatre or exciting trip will also make the days pass more quickly.

5) Get Organised

Stress is bad for all of us. There’s no point in exercising and eating well and then getting so stressed out that your blood pressure is through the roof!

Use bullet journals, organisers, Trello, whatever it takes to get organised. I like to do a to do list for the next day before I leave the office each night. This helps me keep on top of everything but is also a great mindfulness technique for putting an end to the day before heading home. Use the journey home to relax and use meditation to decompress, all of this will reduce any work stress and keep you well.

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  1. thinconfession says:

    Great advice! I am in a law office and definitely move around a lot, back and forth to court, and take an actual lunch out of the office. I need to up my water intake though 😁

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  2. coachtsite says:

    Good post! Very helpful for office workers.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great tips! It is so easy to sit still and drink too much coffee!


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