Lifestyle Medicine|The Books That Have Helped Me

Recently I have been on a journey to better my health through lifestyle medicine. This doesn’t mean that I think a good diet and exercise will cure everything, but that it does lay the foundation for being in the best health possible for your body.

Lifestyle Medicine is a term that I had heard buzzing around on social media, particularly Instagram. I was inspired by the advice of the Food Medic and Deliciously Ella but as someone with long term health problems, it didn’t really feel like it was for me.

However, a recent hospital appointment meant that I’m now feeling confident to start exercising more and after about a year on the low FODMAP diet I now feel confident enough to experiment with different recipes. And feeling better in myself I have more energy to cook new recipes too!

As part of this journey into self care and lifestyle medicine, I have been reading up and I wanted to share with you my favourite books on the subject.


The Food Medic

Hazel Wallace is a doctor and personal trainer who is revolutionising the way people look at their health. I discovered her through an interview in YOU magazine and have been reading her blog, following her on Instagram and reading her books ever since.

She uses her medical knowledge and personal experience to make nutrition and exercise highly accessible. In her books she talks about the many ways we can prevent certain illness or help those illness which can’t be prevented.

Plus all of the recipes in her books are delicious!

I love that these books are really informative, with exercises to try, information on nutrition and positive mindset. They are a huge inspiration to me and far more than just a cookery book!

Her first book is The Food Medic and her second is The Food Medic For Life. I would recommend them both as well as her blog, which you can find here.


Deliciously Ella

I have had the first Deliciously Ella cookbook for some time, another discovery in a magazine in which I was intrigued by Ella’s experience of helping her medical condition through her diet. Although I was sceptical of dietary changes making a massive difference at the time, I still wanted to give her recipes a go.

Since then I have gone Low FODMAP and vegetarian and so her recipe books really are invaluable. The recipes are low sugar, well balanced and there are recipes for every occasion – from delicious packed lunch ideas to breakfasts (I struggle with breakfasts the most and the pancakes from her latest book are AMAZING).

Her first book is Deliciously Ella  and her latest book, Deliciously Ella The Plant Based Cookbook is all gluten free and vegan and has some really interesting info about how she has built her business including the deli she runs with her husband in London.


The Four Pillar Plan

Another book by a doctor, this one looks at the four pillars of health – relax, eat, move, sleep. I really enjoyed reading from a doctors perspective why this holistic approach to health is so effective.

The book is full of easy to follow advice and exercises and is also just a really interesting read with information on aspects of health such as evolutionary biology and nutrition. It’s a great resource that I will definitely return to and have been recommending to all my family and friends.


I’d love to know your recommendations for books looking at lifestyle medicine.


Speak soon,



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  1. Redhead says:

    The Four Pillar Plan book looks fascinating! I don’t think we give enough credit to getting good quality sleep, so I am happy to see that showing up in a book about health and wellness.


    1. It really is so important! After a bad night or a few bad might everything is more difficult.


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