Why writing and yoga are the perfect partners

Last Sunday, Yoga with Adriene posted a beautiful Yoga For Creativity practice on their youtube page.

For a while now I have found that my yoga practice and writing often go hand in hand – too tired for one I start with the other and usually my body or my mind follows.

Over the last month I have challenged myself to practice yoga for ten minutes and write for ten minutes every day. Ten minutes is just such a lovely, small amount of time. And I’m not prescriptive about what I am writing or practicing – I could be in child’s pose listening to music for ten minutes and then I could just be editing writing from the previous day if I’m tired. But the ten minute rule has got me on my mat or writing every day (pretty much) in August.

Therefore for September, I’m going to practice yoga and write for fifteen minutes every day.

And what I have found is that very rarely does it stop at ten minutes. Usually I end up practicing yoga for thirty minutes or writing for forty. There is something about the creative mind body connection that means that once you start, its easy to keep going.

Getting on the mat or sitting down at your computer, those are the hard parts.

For me, yoga and writing are similar in that they bring so much positivity and beauty to my life. They are a safe place to retreat to, they are practices which allow me to celebrate what my mind and body can do even when I’m exhausted and even if these two things are only ever just for me.

So to the writers out there, I recommend giving yoga a little go next time you have writers block and to the yogis out there, add a creative hobby to the end of your practice. I promise you won’t regret it!

Five ten minute practices to try today:

  1. Read one chapter of a book you love.
  2. Walk a different route to work, changing your routine will help you take in the scenery!
  3. Practice yoga – three or four sun salutations is all it takes.
  4. Write five things you are grateful for.
  5. Randomly call a friend just for a chat.

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