Positive Pitstops: where I go for positivity online

There is no denying that we all live in an online world.

According to Wired the average Brit spends twenty five hours a week online.

And as wonderful as the internet is, filled with information and beautiful imagery and inspiration, it can also be a pretty difficult space to navigate.

Aside from information overload, there is the constant bombardment of seemingly perfect and unattainable lives. Social media can become a space for only the healthy, the adventurous, the ambitious and the energetic to survive.

Don’t get me wrong, I love creating images on Instagram and have met some great people this way.

But what about when the downsides of the internet start to get you down?

It isn’t always possible to step away from your phone and computer altogether, therefore I have a few websites I like to visit when I need to feel as though I’m gaining something more valuable from my time online.

These are a mixture of feel good, educational and entertaining sites that I visit fairly regularly. Breaking up time on social media by reading something helpful or learning something new can be a great step to making your internet time more mindful.

1) The Financial Diet

This amazing website is a curated space files with blog posts mainly by women. All of the posts relate to finance in some way, whether it’s dealing with debt, career advice or saving. Although this is an American site, most of the advice is helpful for all and I find its great motivation for saving more each month!

2) Rachel Brathen

Yoga Girl’s website its full of positive messages, beautiful imagery and oh so real life advice. You can listen to or read her podcasts and read her blog posts. Every time I visit the site, there is something positive waiting.

3) Yoga With Adriene

Whether you want to meditate, practice yoga or just read something positive and uplifting, Yoga With Adriene is a fantastic website. I particularly love her Yoga For Self Esteem video and the Meditation for Anxiety.

4) Try Living With Lucie

This series of video by Refinery 29 sees Lucie Fink try out lots of different hobbies and lifestyles. From yoga to art, to dance, to beauty treatments. It’s inspiring to see how many things there are that you haven’t even thought of and Lucie is happy all the time, its hard not to be cheered up by the videos!





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