REVIEW: Spare Change by Iona Bain

My job as a content writer finds me researching a multitude of topics each week. Learning new things is one of my favourite parts of my job!

As part of this I’ve learned a lot about finance and I’ve found this knowledge very empowering. I might not be saving as much as I’d like yet, but I do have a budget in place and a savings plan.

Finances have become a bit of an interest of mine and in my quest to find a site similar to The Financial Diet but based in the UK, I found Iona Bains website and her book, Spare Change.

Published in 2016, this is a fantastic introduction to all things finances. Written in a smart and engaging way with beautiful, modern graphics, it’s a really brilliant book. Covering everything from budgeting to saving, paying of student loans to giving to charity. Bains really has thought of it all!

This is a really easy read with a lot of information and I can see myself returning to it in the future. For example the section on buying a home isn’t currently applicable to me, but hopefully one day will be.

For anyone interested in becoming more financially literate I would highly recommend reading Spare Change visiting the website.

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