REVIEW: Vengeance in Venice by Philip Gwynne Jones

Earlier this year I read The Venetian Game and I loved it! I loved the setting, the unusual plot and the characters. It was the perfect book for my week away.

This month I went to France for a holiday and just so happened to spot the latest in the series, Vengeance In Venice. I hadn’t heard anything about the book and didn’t even read the blurb. I just wanted to read another of the Venice novels!

Opening where the last novel ended, this follows a similar style and theme. Honorary Consul Nathan Sutherland enjoys a wonderful lifestyle in Venice, but his voluntary work at the consul leads him once again into danger.

At an art installation at the annual art festival, a famous art critic falls to a grisly death and Nathan finds himself embroiled in a complicated murder plot. Unable to stay out of trouble as his friends and girlfriend beg him to do, Nathan sets about discovering the truth.

This novel has a similarly fast paced plot to his predecessor and is again highly descriptive and an immersive read. It’s another perfect holiday read. I found some of the plot a little repetitive and predictable, but I would read another in the series.

I love that I feel as though I’m learning about Venice as a I read a highly enjoyable crime novel!

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