Writing Workshops

It has long been an ambition of mine to share the love of a consistent creative writing practice. Whether you write in a journal every night, write lists to soothe anxiety, write poetry, short stories or are writing a novel like me, it is all beautiful and good for you!

For two years I was president of the creative writing society at Newcastle University, running fortnightly writing workshops and longer writing events on all sorts of themes – from crime fiction to fantasy to beginners workshops. Since then I have facilitated writing workshops for the WWI and in a primary school. But over the last year I haven’t had the chance to facilitate workshops. My focus has been finishing an MA, starting a new job and working on a novel . All very important!!

However, I have missed running workshops so much! Even though I am an introvert and I love time alone and for me writing is usually something I do alone, there is nothing as wonderful as the buzz of a good writing class. A room full of open minded people from different backgrounds with different interests, all there to write.

So, in the past couple of months I have started to plan how I can get back into facilitating workshops. If you are in the Newcastle or Washington area and would be interested then keep an eye out on this blog because I will soon be offering workshops. They will be focused on a few themes but I’ll be starting with Writing & Wellbeing, because we could all do with a bit more wellbeing and self care in our lives! These workshops will be suitable for everyone – whether you have never tried creative writing or you are a regular writer, all are welcome.

I’ll have details on this page soon and I hope you’ll join me!

Speak soon,


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