REVIEW: The Woman In The Window by A J Finn

My addiction to crime fiction and psychological thrillers continues. This is another novel that I had heard a fair bit about and new that I needed to read, in fact I read the hardback rather than waiting for the paperback.

It’s has been months since Anna Fox, a psychologist, left her home. She lives alone, her husband and. daughter having left her to recover from her acrophobia. Her only contact with the outside world is a visit from her physical therapist and psychologist once week, playing chess online and watching the houses on the other side of the street. She has become obsessed with watching the lives of others unfold. She knows what book the book club is reading, she knows that one of her neighbours is having an affair and is the first to see a new family move in across the way.

Slowly, though, we learn that Anna is not to be completely trusted. She drinks while on medication, she gets confused between the black and white films she loves and real life. She can’t always remember what she did the day before.

And then, she sees her new neighbour stabbed. Was it the husband she suspects of being abusive? And how can she now help their son without being forced to leave her home?

This is a real page turner. I read it over a few days and two nights chose reading this over sleep. And, even better, you won’t guess the twist!

I was convinced I knew all of what was really going on, but no.

At times this book is truly frightening, it is very addictive and overall a fantastic read.

My only complaint, was the it was over too soon!

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