The Perfect Commuting Habit

Normally, I like to read on the bus. However, I have started to get a little travel sick when reading on the bus and when I have to change bus it can feel a bit of a pain getting my book out only to have to put it away again ten minutes later. So, I’ve started listening to podcasts instead.

The great thing about podcasts, is that they’re free! I get them as part of my Spotify account but you can also get them on Apple and other platforms. I like listening on a morning as I travel to work as sometimes I’m too tired to listen to music and it’s also a good way to warm up your brain ready for work.

I particularly like those podcasts with a positive, well being slant. But I also listen to ones about fashion, dogs, history an other things.

Here are my favourite podcasts right now:

  1. From The Heart: Conversations With Yoga Girl
    This was my first introduction to podcasts and I listened to the first one the day that it was released. Since then, I hadn’t really listened but over the past few weeks I have found Rachel Brathens calm, wise words to be the perfect way to relax and learn something new. They cover a multitude of different subjects and always give me a positive boost.
  2. Good Life Project
    Hosting a wide range of positive thinkers and mindfulness experts, this podcast series is aimed at those wanting to improve their mental health. It was because of Elizabeth Gilbert that I first started listening to these. I love her books and also listening to Eat Pray Love as a podcast because she sounds like a family friend just talking about life and being very real. The podcasts include all sorts of different people and topics, so there is something for everyone.
  3. Who Made My Clothes?
    There are only six of these (so far) on Spotify, but I am trying to be more environmentally aware with my shopping choices. This podcast is a great choice when you want to be more informed, it’s good for listening during the day when you can take in the advice.
  4. Can I Pet Your Dog?
    This podcast is really funny and of course great for dog-obsessed people like me! It’s a little cheesy at times, but is a great pick-me-up when you’re at work and missing your pet…just me?

And that’s it! I would love to know any podcast recommendations you might have. I hope you found this post helpful.

Speak soon,



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