REVIEW: City of Friends by Joanna Trollope

I have to admit that part of the reason I bought this book was it’s beautiful cover. The image just looked friendly, like the type of book I would want to read after a long day. I have read a few of Joanna Trollope’s novels and I am yet to be disappointed. This book tells the story of four friends who have known each since university. They are each very individual leading different lives, from the reason they went to university to the career paths that followed after graduation.

This is not a novel with a high octane plot or lots of drama. It deals with issues that will be very real for many of us, illness, bereament, ex partners and teenage children. It also focuses a lot on the challenges of being a professional woman, whether being married and having children makes a career easier or more difficult. This is a very empowering read as it is non judgmental and represents four women who have all made very different choices. I loved the narrative tone, it felt relaxed and yet descriptive. I wa interested in all of the characters and it had a quick enough pace to keep me reading.

This is definitely a good read for all you busy bees as it’s relatively short and the chapters too are nice and neat. I would definitely recommend this book as a good pick me up. I think I’ll be passing it on to my uni friends to enjoy! 

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