REVIEW: Theodore Boone by John Grisham

Theodore Boone is a thirteen year old boy from a small city in America. But he isn’t an ordinary school boy, Theodore is also a lawyer. Both of his parents are lawyers and growing up around their law offices, he has come to know all of the judges and lawyers in the small town where he lives. At his school, other kids come to him for advice and Theodore spends all of his spare time at the courthouse, watching trials.

Now though, the fun of pretending to be a real lawyer has become very serious. The biggest trial the town has seen in years is in full swing, a murder trial. And now, Theodore knows something that no one else does. He has become embroiled in the murder case and for once he has to admit that he doesn’t know what do.

I really enjoyed this book, it is more of a young adult novel than a straight crime novel. I read it in days and it is a very fast paced interesting book. I liked Theodore as a character, he could have become a bit precocious and irritating, but he didn’t. I also like the insights into small town America and the way that trials work in America. I think this is an interesting novel but I felt that the plot was a little flat and the ending could have gone further. It almost felt like part one of a novel, rather than the whole thing. Overall it is definitely worth a read and I look forward to reading more John Grisham novels soon!

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