REVIEW: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

 After the huge success of Eat Pray Love, Gilbert was quite open about the difficulties of following up such a popular book. In Eay Pray Love, she gained thousands of fans, women who could relate to her experience and her desire t free herself from the expectations of society. Her next work, Committed looked at marriage, both its historical development and her own personal experience of two marriages. Since then Gilbert has spoken about creativity and the pressure of both failure and success and how they can impact upon creativity. Committed was not well received, some said it was convoluted, too wordy, went on too many tangents. Gilbert has said that she knew it would not be well received but needed to write the book, to put something out there so that she could continue to create. 

Big Magic came out last year and promised to help others writers, artists and creators to live freer creative lives, escaping the shackles of pressure and also the myth that we must suffer for our art. It was very well received and appeared all over social media. I bought the book as soon as it became available in the U.K. but I did not read it in one go like I had with Eat Pray Love. Instead I read small sections whenever I felt I needed a creative boost. However a recent university project looking at the impact of financial success on creative output, led me back to Big Magic and so I sat and read the book in one go, taking in every page and enjoying once again the warm, real and witty voice of Elizabeth Gilbert.

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