May Book Club 2 – The Song Collector by Natasha Solomons

Hi guys,

I’m really excited to be talking about the second book club choice for May. I really enjoyed this book and have a lot to say about it!


As well as the video, I wanted to include some additional thoughts here on my blog, as otherwise the video would have been about half an hour long!

Some of my favourite passages from the book:

pp.30-31, here is a really insightful passage about grief and also the way that Harry feels dehumanised and infantilised by the loss of Edie. Suddenly his daughters want to care for him and to bring in extra support for him. We seem him talking about Edie and his memories of the younger and the older Edie mix together, he says that he doesn’t know which version of her he misses the most.

p.135, when Harry visits the church, he finds out that his Mum used to play the organ there and this creates a memory for him that his brothers don’t have access to. It’s a beautifully depicted moment and also gives an insight into the slightly competitive nature of the three sons trying to remember their mother.

p278 – when he tells Marcus he can conduct his work, it is because Marcus is dying but it still a beautiful moment, depicting life long friendship. It is not just the romantic relationship in this novel that is important, Harry loves Marcus as well, but as his friend, almost like a brother.



I hope you enjoy watching and reading, I would love to know your thoughts on the book!


Speak soon,



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