REVIEW: Swimming Home, Deborah Levy 

Part of the One Book event at my university, this was the book that every student got for free this year. I’ve heard a lot about Deborah Levy and knew that this book was a literary novel about a young woman suffering from depression.

This novel is rich in description and uses the traditional poolside novel to surprise the reader with its gritty reality. We are offered various perspectives on both Kitty Finch and her mental illness. Wound into the story of the family of writer Joe Jacobs who becomes the focus of Kitty’s obsession. The novel asks questions about love, family and melancholy. There is a nostalgic note throughout, taking us back to the easy holidays of childhood and the endless summers that now flit past too quickly. 

A beautifully told, literary novel that I recommend for something a bit different to your usual summer read.

I also wanted to mention that at the back of the book andotherstories advertises its subscription service where you can pay to receive books a couple of times a year. These are books that might not otherwise be published in the UK and it sounds like a really exciting scheme. For more information you can go to their website.

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