Book Haul!! 

I know, I know. I’ve bought more books. My name is Hannah Bullimore and I’m addicted to books.

But anyway, I thought I’d share my latest buys from Waterstones and a few audible downloads and why I bough them. Here goes…

1) Dog Stories

I have been wanting to read more short stories as I’m writing more short stories and we all know the key to writing better is to read more. Now, I love dogs. To be honest I often like them more than people, so this book sounded perfect. It’s really lovely as well, it’s hardback but a nice size for my handbag and it just feels like one of those books that will sit happily on my bookcase for years…like a good dog sits on your knee…too far?

2) Paris For One And Other Stories, John Moyes

Again this is a short story collection. Written by John Moyes and with the word Paris in the title, need I say more? I couldn’t wait for the paperback so bought this beautifully made hardback copy, perfect for when you want just a little read without delving into a whole novel!

3) Homegoing, Yaa Gyasi

Another hardback! What is going on? I’ve heard lots about this book, there have been reviews all over magazine such as Elle and Marie Claire. This is a story of two sisters, one sold into slavery, one who marries a slave master. I love postcolonial literature and this sounds amazing. Plus when I bought it the guy in Waterstones told me he’d just finished and it was brilliant, always a good sign! 

4) Cartes Postales From Greece, Victoria Hislop

Victoria Hislop is one of my favourite authors ever! She always writes about historical events which have gone untold and writes about beautiful locations that make me want to book a holiday. This book includes colourful postcards as well and I always love books which are formatted differently. Can’t. Wait.

5) The Other Mrs Walker, Mary Paulson-Ellis

Ok so I fell for the marketing here. I got an email about this book and had to read it! It’s a crime thriller, set in Edinburgh and it sounds gripping and dark and everything I look for in a good crime novel. Plus I love reading debuts and…I just loved the cover…

6) Closed Casket, Sophie Hannah

I loved the first Poirot novel by Sophie Hannah and really wanted to read the next one. I liked the idea of the audiobook because I like watching murder mysteries on TV. I’m a few chapters in and so far, so good!

7) Miss Treadway and the Field of Stars, Miranda Emmerson

This was a suggested book for this month and the cover image really caught my eye. Set in the sixties and following a band, it just sounded like something different! 

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  1. Dacian says:

    5) The Other Mrs Walker, Mary Paulson-Ellis – this one is great! Preparing a review myself. Enjoy them!


    1. Great to hear! I can’t wait to read it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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