Angels and Bridges: Secluded

She was walking unthinkingly, feet enclosed in thick boots that trampled the earth without flinching at the rubble and twigs underfoot. Head bowed she breathed in the thick air. Any moment the rain would trickle down her skin, along her bare arms and beneath her tshirt, between her shoulder blades. It was too cold for just a tshirt, but she needed the air, she needed to feel the cold against her skin.

She raised one hand and rubbed roughly at the goose pimples that had risen along the outside of her elbow, the little hairs standing on end. Her eyes flickered over the green that surrounded her, the blades of grass blurring until she was at the base of the hill. She paused, reaching one foot onto the bottom step, reaching her elbow onto her knee and taking in a deep breath of clear air. She heard the seagulls screech and tipped her head back to watch them swoop in a lattice work of feathers. She smiled, watching their quick movements, the way they easily cut through the air.

The wind forced its way against her, pushing her jeans and tshirt close to her skin, rough on her gossepimpled body. She rubbed her hands together, blowing into the circle of her palms before starting her assent. One step at a time, moving slow, fingers interlaced under each thigh to lift her heavy boots which added to the catch in her hip joints. She felt the crunch but ignored it, determined to reach the top. 

Black cows watched her with weary eyes, some disgruntled by her presence, others intrigued so that they took a few steps closer. She smiled to them as though passing a fellow walker before continuing on her climb. 

At the top she climbed onto the platform, the stone fashioned into a false temple. She clambered messily, scratching herself with the effort. Once there she swung her legs over the edge and sat down, raising her hand to her brow and smiling out at the hills and rolling fields, the miners monument and the lakes. 


Peaceful silence.

Finally alone, for just a little while.

Penshaw Monument taken from Herrington country park, Penshaw, Tyne and Wear.

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