Six Books on my To Read List

I thought it would be interesting to think about the books on my list to read and then review them in future weeks. It’s also nice to think about how we chose our reading. Usually I go into my local bookstore and pick at random, but I also keep a list of books I’ve heard people talk about and this is what I’m including here.


1) Emerald City And Other Stories, Jennifer Egan


I have been wanting to read some more short stories for a while and the title of this collection had me intrigued. I read about it on a booklist somewhere and it has been saved in my phone ever since. Whenever I read a review that I like the sound of I take a picture and try to buy it later.


2) Closed Casket, Sophie Hannah



I really enjoyed Sophie Hannah’s first novel reimagining Hercule Poirot. It received mixed reactions but I thought it was a really good continuance of Christie’s work. I love these books, they’re perfect for relaxing and I’ll be reading this one the next time I have a couple of days to read uninterrupted.
3) Out of Bounds, Val McDermid

I’ve only read one of McDermids books, her part of the Austen project when she adapted Northanger Abbey in modern day context. I loved that book, partly because it was set at the Edinburgh book festival and largely because of McDermids brilliant writing style and tone. I’ve been wanting to read more of her work since, particularly one of the crime novels she is known for. As this well reviewed online, it seems like a good place to start!
4) The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

I’ve heard ALOT of good reviews about this novel. I’ve heard its original and that the ending is surprising. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and read something different. 
5) Dear Amy, Helen Callaghan

This was a suggestion when I last bought some books online. As you know by now I love crime novels and thrillers. The idea of an agony aunt being drawn into solving a crime intrigues me, I think it could make for a really original heroine. 
6) I’m Travelling Alone, Sam Bjorne

The blurb of this novel reminded me of Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith which I really enjoyed. I like a really dark crime novel with a strong location so this one sounds perfect. 
Let me know any books your looking forward to reading below.

Speak soon,


5 Comments Add yours

  1. I was lucky enough to read Dear Amy in advance thanks to NetGalley, and I did really enjoy it. I love mystery, thriller books. There were times I was disappointed, but overall it was a good read. I loved the premise of it all, which is what drew me to that book and kept me reading to the very end.


    1. That’s so cool. I’ll have to read it and see if I feel the same 😊


  2. TheAliceFan says:

    I would like to read The Night Circus, too! but since I just got Heartless, I would need to save up before getting another book XD

    I will be waiting for your take on the book since I have also heard lots of great things about it! 😀


    1. Thanks, I’ll definitely update you once I’ve read it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. TheAliceFan says:

        Yes! I am soo excited for it XD


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