REVIEW: The Play That Went Wrong

As you may not be surprised to hear, last night at The Theatre Royal Newcastle, everything went wrong. The wrong lines were read out, the set fell apart, actors were dropping last night and the audience last so much they went home with aching ribs.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong was televised over the festive season, in which everything that could go wrong did go wrong. And while the show was fantastic, I was somewhat concerned that the jokes might be the same and that therefore the live show might not be as good as seeing it with fresh eyes.

I was wrong.

Even before the play had begun, I was laughing. I don’t want to give anything away about the surprises in store for anyone going to see The Play That Went Wrong, therefore all I will say is the ensemble of actors did a fantastic job. The script was fantastically crafted and the stage setting was really clever and original.

It was also lovely to see a really mixed audience there last night, with all ages covered. The audience were encouraged to be noisy and laugh and the jokes were all clean so that the atmosphere was friendly, with a sense of old fashioned humour, while still being original. The surprises really were surprises and the audience were often left wondering ‘how did they manage that?’

I highly recommend going to see this play, it is quite unlike anything else I’ve seen at the theatre in a long time. It is hard to find truly original comedy and this was it. A night of slapstick and surprises.

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