So it’s been a while! A couple of months in fact. I’ve started a new job at Warehouse, I’m enjoying the new challenge working with clothes instead of jewellery. I’ve also completed another term in my MA and handed in those pesky assignments. Finally, I can take a breath before the new term begins! I’m going to be studying script again this term because I enjoyed it so much last term. I am also nearly finished with my novel after nanowrimo kick started my novel writing once again (and derailed my blog writing).

For 2017 I want to write more, to keep focused on writing and creating. I’m back to blogging and this time round there is no schedule, I’m just going to write as often as I can. Reviews, bits of prose, maybe even a bit of nonfiction. I’m going to keep going with my novel and hopefully start on the next one while I’m redrafting because I have a new plot in mind! I’m going to write scripts and amongst all of this I’ll be looking for jobs. I don’t want to leave the job hunt until after graduation. I don’t want to stop and wonder, ‘where next’ in September. Instead, I’m looking around now. Where do I want to be in a years time? Do I have to be in Newcastle? Is writing the most important thing? Are there other options? Publishing? Editing? Traveling?

It’s no wonder I can’t sleep at the moment. My mind is full of the possibilities for my future. It’s scary. Everything that could go wrong. But also it’s really exciting. All of the opportunities that might come my way.

Although I’m not sleeping well at the moment, I’m feeling calm. Yoga has definitely helped. When I’m tired I practice yin and restorative yoga to help build my energy. When I have energy I go to a vinyasa class or do some sun salutations in the house to try and build my strength. I’m also reading ALOT at the minute, which is always a good sign. This year I’m keeping track of just how many books I read, to see the types of books I’m reading and to push myself to expand my reading interests. I want to read more travel writing and historical non fiction. I’m also (trying) to learn Italian, last year I started yoga, this year Italian. I know! I’m a cliche. Elizabeth Gilbert got there first!

Despite my lack of sleep and the long list of things to be conquered this year, I’m feeling positive and I’m looking forward to writing on this blog once again.

Speak soon,


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