Some Writing Prompts

Today I thought that I would share a few prompts in the hope that you will take a break from work and write something for ten minutes. All these prompts can be short and sweet, but they can also be used to start something longer. I also think that the poets out there can get creative and use these for their writing as well. Remember, the deadline for submitting to the wanderlust issue of Alliterati is the 30th of August and all of these prompts should help you get started on a piece for the issue if you haven’t already.

  1. Describe your first trip away from home. This could be a childhood memory or your first holiday without your parents.
  2. Two character are on a long, uncomfortable journey, perhaps on an overcrowded bus in a hot country. While one character is irritated and dreaming of home, the other thinks this is the perfect time to declare their love for their fellow companion. Write in first person, being sure to maintain a strong sense of place.
  3. You arrive at your hotel to find you have picked up the wrong suitcase. What is inside? Will you try to return it and if so, how?
  4. Describe your first meal in a new place. Try and attach a specific emotion to the meal – will a bad meal seem like an omen for the rest of the trip?
  5. Describe a round the world trip in 50 tweets.
  6. Think of three cities you have visited and then imagine something happening in each. Describe them in a way that shows the reader they are connected, without explicitly telling them.
  7. Describe a conversation with a stranger on a long haul flight. Write the scene as though it is the first or final chapter of a novel, or the first or final scene in a film.

That’s all from me today guys. I hope these writing prompts are useful.

Speak soon,


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