Tomorrow I am heading off for two weeks of travelling. I’ll be visiting Toronto, Niagara Falls, Michigan and New York. I’m so excited as I’ve only be to the USA once before in 2006. I thought that as well as my posts on writing for Alliterati, I will try (wifi allowing) and post on here about what I get up to. I hope this is something you’ll find interesting and that it will be helpful for any fellow travellers out there. I might also post some of the writing I get up to while I’m away. You’ll notice the use of ‘might’, I’m not taking a laptop just my phone and a good ol’note pad but hopefully the wifi will be fine and I can just type posts on my phone and upload some photos as I go. 

Today I am just doing a bit of last minute prep – fake tan, manicure and strategic packing. As we’re making a few stops along the way I’m taking a case and overnight bag and moving my clothes between the bags as I go. I’ve tried to plan my outfits for each stage. I’ve loaded up my kindle ( I’m not taking any actual books because I tend to fill half my suitcase with them and there just isn’t space this time!). I’ve added a lot of historical fiction, particularly novels set in WW2 as research for my own novel. I have also added some books I’ve been wanting to read for a while such as Donna Tartt’s The Little Friend and Beside Myself by Ann Morgan. If you haven’t read any of Donna Tartt’s novels then you really should. The Goldfinch is really good if slightly sense, but The Secret History is my personal favourite. For music I have Spotify and Tidal and have been making a playlist to save on my phone so I can still listen to my music when we’re flying, I’m particularly loving Bastille at the minute.

I’ve also been writing a lot the past few days, something about being excited for the holidays has sped up my writing! I have finished Part One of my novel and am now working on the next section and trying to get some non fiction reading done before I head out as I wouldn’t like to risk losing any library books!

Well, that’s all for now. 

Speak soon,


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  1. That sounds amazing! Have a great time!!


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