Alliterati’s next issue is going to have the theme of Wanderlust. This is the perfect opportunity for photographer, artists, writers and poets to gather up their work from the summer so far and create something exciting. The hope is that this issue, which will be published at the end of September, will have enough sunshine and travel-filled goodness to carry us all through the first months of autumn (I can’t even think about winter yet).wanderlust 1

For the last issue of Alliterati we didn’t have a theme to allow all of our lovely contributors to let their imaginations run wild. But, I love a theme. There’s something lovely about being asked to create something that is short and contained and to write something for a specific idea rather than dipping in to your supply of stories and poems you might already have. I look at themed pieces like this as writing breaks. You can take a momentary step away from whatever bigger project you might be working on at the moment and just have a little fun, perhaps dabble in a different genre or style.

It’s quite a while until the deadline but if you’re stuck in a creative rut here is your opportunity. Challenge yourself to create something new and different on the theme of wanderlust. Whether it’s a piece of art, a photograph, a sonnet, a piece of flash fiction or a fully formed short story it doesn’t matter. It’s a beautiful word and I’m so excited to see what people come up with. If you need a little more there are some writing prompts below. And for my next post I’ll include a short piece on the theme as well.

But for now, happy creating everyone. I hope you have fun with the theme and I can’t wait to see your work.

Writing Prompts

  1. You wake up with no memory of the past few weeks. A friend tells you that you’ve been away travelling but no one knows what happened to you. The only clue is your camera. Describe the pictures on there and the way that you slowly piece together your travels and how you lost your memory.
  2. You are packing a case to go on a trip. Without telling the reader exactly where you are going and why describe your actions and what you are packing. Show the reader that you are excited or scared or panicked, hint at whether you are going somewhere new, somewhere cold or returning to a place you haven’t been in a long time.
  3. It’s your first time going abroad. Describe how you feel getting off the plane.
  4. Describe your favourite foreign city, but focus not just on sight but one other sense.
  5. Describe what wanderlust means to you, in poetry or in prose, using a metaphor throughout. Try and think outside of the box and select a photograph to sit alongside your piece.

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