How I Write…

I write a lot. I’m not trying to brag, it’s definitely not all good, but I do write quickly and I find I can write anywhere. However, my best ideas come at night and I tend to write with a pen and paper because the ideas flow more easily, then I’ll type up and edit later.

I never used to plan, but I find that since making the leap to historical fiction I need to research and plan a lot more. I like music or general background noise, but I struggle with silence because of my own demonic typing.

Regular snacking is essential, as is natural light. The Internet is usually a mistake, as is Netflix and the pull of girly magazines. Bedtime writing always ends up miraculously needing no editing. Ideas come in the form of dreams or when walking the dog or watching a film.

I am always amazed by the different ways that people write and create. The variety astounds me. So please share how you write below and get creating if you haven’t for a while.

Speak soon,



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